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Internal collaborators

Dr. Jose Benedito

Jose is the current director of the Department of Food Technology and coordinator of the ASPA Research Group. We keep a very strong collaboration in both research projects and student supervision. Our current common projects are ULTRATEX (an industry-driven project about non-destructive testing using ultrasound for texture characterization), ZINC-PROTOPORPIRYN (a project funded from the National Research Agency to obtain high-added value from pork liver ) and SUPERUSMICRO (an industry-driven project for the pharma sector about non-thermal pasteurization coupling high power ultrasound and supercritical carbon dioxide).

Dr. Juan Carcel

Juan was the secondary supervisor of my PhD supporting Prof. Mulet. In my postdoctoral stage, we are still collaborating in the ultrasonically drying at low and high temperature and extraction of natural compounds. Nowadays, we jointly address the MEFPROC project (H2020) about improving food processing by applying moderate electric fields coupled to ultrasound application.

Dr. Jose (Pepe) Bon

Pepe is an expert on computational modelling, his contribution in my PhD was decissive to implement reliable mathematical models to mechanistically understand how airborne ultrasound application affects internal and external mass transport. After that, we have collaborated in the modelling of ultrasonically-assisted heating in both liquid and air media.

Main – External collaborators

Dr. Tomás Gómez

Tomás is an expert in the design of highly-energy efficient airborne ultrasonic transducers. Nowadays, he is the Head of the Department of Ultrasonic sensors and technologies of the Institute of Physical Technologies and the Information. We are collaborating from approximately 2010 conducting pioneering work on the use of air-coupled ultrasonic systems for accurate food characterization. These preliminary works have inspired me to go further the current research frontier in that field and prepare a ground-breaking resarch proposal in the frame of the ERC Consolidator 2019 call.

Dr. Enrique Riera

Enrique is Research Professor in the Institute of Physical Technologies and the Information and Head of the Group of Power Ultrasonics founded by Juan A. Gallego-Juarez. I should consider Enrique as «my acoustic advisor» from the beginning of my PhD. We jointly developed the airborne ultrasonically asisted convective drying (at high and low temperature) which constitutes one of my most relevant research areas.

Dr. Carmen Rossello

Carmen is the head of the Research Group of Food Engineering in the University of Balearic Islands-UIB. We have kept a very intense collaboration from my PhD. She invited several times to teach in graduate courses of Master and PhD programmes of the UIB. We have developed research projects related to drying of agri-food byproducts. Moreover, I have created specific software for real-time control of some of the drier units of her laboratory.