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Biodata sketch

I was born (1978) in Requena, a small city 60 km inland from Valencia. I enjoyed my childhood in a small rural village (Los Ruices) located in the West side of Requena County. My family has been completely dedicated for generations to grape production for winemaking, which actually is and will be my main hobby. I really believe this fact has enormously conditioned my further formation since my parents and grandparents showed me from the beginning that the hard work, respect and honesty are the only pathway of the life.

 Vineyard var. Macabeo – June 2006

Once I finalized the Agricultural Engineering degree, I started my PhD in the Food Technology Department of the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (UPV) integrated in the ASPA research group under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Antonio Mulet, who has strongly marked myself as researcher. We demonstrated that efficient airborne ultrasonic application can improve convective drying and analyzed how the influence of the process variables affect the ultrasonic performance. My PhD constituted a pioneering work in food acoustics and was awarded by the UPV and the European Federation of Chemical Engineering as an Excellent contribution for the Drying Community. In the postdoctoral stage, I spent one year as visiting researcher in the Dr. Paul Singh’s laboratory at the University of California-Davis, where I improved my skills in Food Engineering. My research activity encompasses both the process intensification and control for improving food manufacturing. Mathematical modelling plays a key-role for process optimization and taking-decisions strategy. Main research areas are listed as follows:

  • Ultrasonic application for process intensification in liquid, gas and supercritical media.
  • Non-destructive ultrasonic testing.
  • Food drying-dehydration operations (hot air drying, drying at low temperature, atmospheric freeze drying, osmotic dehydration, salting….)
  • Applications of pulsed-electric fields and ohmic heating (on-going).
  • Extraction of natural compounds from animal and vegetal matrices.
  • Mathematical modelling and simulation.
  • Real-time process control.

In 2004, I was enrolled in the CANTERA program of the UPV as lecturer. This program aimed to early train as university instructors, top graduate students. From 2004, I have occupied different positions, until recently becoming Full Professor (2018), always teaching courses related to food (heat and mass transfer, modelling, control) and bioprocess (bioreactor design) engineering for under and graduate students. I would like also to highlight in this biodata sketch my former position (2014-2018)  as Deputy Director of Food Technology at the School of Agricultural Engineering and Environment in the UPV.



Professor Food Engineering

Department of Food Technology, Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)