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FoodPEEL team, picture taken in front of the Food Technology Department – UPV (17 p.m., January 28th, 2019)

Head of the lab

José Vicente García-Pérez



Lola Fariñas (PhD Physics&Engineering)

Lola gained her PhD in the Institute of Physical Technologies and Information (ITEFI-CSIC) under the supervision of my colleague Tomás Gomez. She is an expert engineer on nondestructive ultrasonic analysis and signal processing and has excellent skills about the implementation of ultrasonic systems. Nowadays, her contract (from July 2018) is funded by the Valencian Government but also has been granted with the prestigious «Juan de la Cierva» contract by the Ministry of Science&Innovation.


PhD students

Marina Contreras (MSc. Food Engineering)

Marina is a 3rd year PhD student, her work has been carried out under the frame of the SOLTEXJAM project (Ministry of Science&Innovation). She is working very hard in the characterization and correction of textural defects in dry-cured ham, namely softness and pastiness. Ultrasonic characterization by using contact techniques has allowed the discrimination of high and medium pasty hams from those with standard texture. Mild thermal treatments (conventional and ultrasonically assisted) have been confirmed as a very effective action to correct softness in dry-cured ham.

Angela Gomez  (MSc. Food Engineering)

Angela is a 2nd year PhD student, she is working in the frame of an industry-driven contract with a pharmaceutical company (SUPERUSMICRO). Her doctorate addresses the use of ultrasonically assisted non-thermal pasteurization in supercritical medium, which is related to the reasear topic of ultrasonic applications in complex media.  She is primary supervised by my colleague Jose Benedito, so until this moment, I am just acting as a secondary advisor.


Research Assistants

Virginia Sanchez-Jimenez (MSc. Food Engineering)

Virginia works (from January 2019) in the frame of an industry-driven project (ULTRATEX) funded by the Ministry of Science&Innovation, which aims to identify defective textures in extruded corn cakes using nondestructive ultrasonic technology. She was already enrolled in the ASPA Group for 2 years as Laboratory Technician. Virginia aims to pursue a PhD degree in the following years.


Blanca Abril  (MSc. Food Engineering)

Blanca works (from February 2019) in the frame of the research project Zinc-Protoporphyrin funded by the Ministry of Science&Innovation. In this project, we aim to improve the processing of pork liver by using novel technologies and obtain high-added value products, such as natural colorants and proteins. After some years at industry, Blanca returns to the Academia aiming to gain a PhD in the near-medium future.